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The Poz Button

Feb 13, 2018


Borzoi starts whistlin' Dixie as he invites Musonius Rufus on to southernpost about the Outlaw Josey Wales. Join us for a little Civil War history, a little Southern pride, a little regionalism, and even a little bit of NRx posting as they celebrate the rebel classic.


Referenced Materials:

Champ Ferguson

Missouri author who was on Rebel  Yell: Clint Lacy and Blood in the Ozarks


Author of Outlaw Josey Wales: Asa Earl Carter

The Selma Bridge March

Frankenmuth, MI

Flannery O'Connor

Stephen Fry in America (and an article about it)

The Napoleon of Notting Hill

Southern WWII vet flying Confederate Flag

Cormac McCarthy's books

Lonesome Dove


Artwork by @toan0605