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The Poz Button

Nov 25, 2017

This week on the Poz Button we get into the end of masculinity with James Bond. Special guest Jay Lorenz, editor-in-chief of Fash the Nation.

Nov 18, 2017

Adolf Hitler: the man, the myth, the legend. Borzoi brings Jim from the Fatherland on to discuss, in the original German, the most amazing and colossal mistake (in a good way for us) of a Hitler movie, Er ist Wieder Da. Or as it's known here, Look Who's Back. Come for the laughs, stay for the Esoteric Hitlerism and...

Nov 10, 2017

Borzoi achieves maximum sperg-out with a rambling three-hour art-fag discussion about the 1979 Russian film, Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky. Yes, it partially inspired the video game, no I don't get into it. With guests John Corrine and Leitis.