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The Poz Button

Oct 30, 2022

Borzoi and Aaron discuss the Faust story, the ideology of art, and Eastern European animation and puppetry after watching Jan Svankmajer's surrealist adaptation. Check the notes for a dub you can find on YouTube. If the audio sounds weird at parts I had to re-record a few times due to scrambled audio.

Jan Švankmajer's Faust:

Intro Music: Franz Liszt's "Faust Symphony "

Outro Music: Hector Berlioz's "La damnation de Faust", Mephistopheles's opening aria Voici des roses

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I referred to a Gogol animation in this episode. I said it was Dead Souls, but it was actually Yuri Norstein's adaptation of The Overcoat that I was thinking of: