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The Poz Button

Jan 30, 2018


Crank up that Xurious and physically remove communists. This week on the Poz Button, Borzoi invites on General Belisarius and Glock Doctor to discuss a Laotian Stop-Motion film by the title of Jin-Roh. You might know it better as the Right Wing Death Squads movie. Strap in for a long chat about Japan, soldiers, war,...

Jan 22, 2018


Borzoi rolls a Nat 20 this week and talks about something he actually does enjoy with Godcast member SuperLutheran: Dungeons and Dragons. We give a brief history and overview of the game, and show you one of the simplest ways of creating collaborative culture.

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The Godcast

D&D Cartoon Parody


Jan 16, 2018


May the Ficus be with you! The Poz Button finally talks shop on the Last Jedi this week, read some Chinese reviews, and get into Warhammer 40k, bugmen, and the death of a franchise. With guests Titus Flavius of Kulturkampf and Tales from the Trough and Myles Poland from the Godcast.


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Jan 10, 2018

This week on the Poz Button, Borzoi brings back DinoCon to talk about (((whiteness))), authenticity, ethnic humor, and hip hop culture in the curious 2003  comedy Malibu's Most Wanted. Positioned as a satire on hip hop and wiggers, the movie is an interesting example of a film that couldn't be made in this political...

Jan 8, 2018

This week on the Poz Button Borzoi reconsiders his pricing model for paid episodes as he does an episode on the lost generation of men known as the Bronies, while also doing his best to do a PB on the recent My Little Pony movie. He's joined by Paisios, who to his credit took the concept seriously, and Roscoe, who...